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    Speaking at Anti-Bill 14 Rally at Marois' office

    Full CTV video,CBC and CTV interviews and press coverage


    "A chance to do something, not just complain!"




    A rights response to language laws

    En débat avec Mario Beaulieu (SSJB) sur l`émission Denis Levesque LCN


    Institute advocacy results in major Revenue Quebec reforms

    Journal de Montréal:
    Revenu Québec renonce aux cotisations «choc?br>*****
    Finance Minister and Director-General act after abuses brought to light

    Queen's Jubilee Medal

    Awarded for
    community service

    1500 model UN participants hear message of challenge and responsibility

    Métropolitain publisher keynotes McGill Conference largest after Harvard and Penn State

    The Payette Plan

    A community protected,
    a battle won,
    a campaign continued

    Reprenons la rue

    Taking back the street

    Résister aux comparaisons

    Paul Gérin-Lajoie
    Un révolutionnaire tranquille

    13,000 Montrealers salute Israel

    Hosting the Israel Independence Day Rally

    Amal's Story

    "All I want to know is why?"

    On Language

    Optics and politics

    City's Iran protests continue

    Kilgour,Wajsman speak to coalition

    Helping Sun Youth's Haitian Relief

    Diplomats and activists rally

    The Canwest Bid

    Going for the Gazette


    Daring to care

    The Arrogance of Authority

    The Bela Kosoian Affair

    "Arrogants, vulgaires et disgracieux!"

    Citizens fed up with green onions and parking rules

    Local and national recognition

    The Suburban and Editor receive writing honours

    Wajsman for Mayor?

    A helluva reaction for April Fool`s

    Community coalition demands change

    Mayor finally agrees to open discussions

    Broken Promises

    How we lied to Ala Morales and to ourselves


    Justice done

    Causing a stir

    Libs, Tories & BPW

    Martin Luther King, Jr. Legacy Award Ceremony at City Hall

    BPW receives award for promoting human dignity

    The Teaching of Contempt

    Gemma Raeburn and the Montreal Police

    "Cassandra's Lilacs"- The "Gentle the condition" Concert

    The Garceau Foundation and the Institute for Public Affairs present the "Gentle the Condition" concert

    "Human Dignity Rally"

    Ottawa rally for rights in China an inspiring success

    The "Salubrious" persecution of Citizen "M"

    Your home is not your castle and you need to know why

    Dietrich Freed!

    A Senior and the System

    A Healthy Corrective to Self-Censorship

    National Post's
    Barbara Kay on
    "The Métropolitain"

    Marchildons Win!

    RAMQ approves US surgery

    Itzhayek Home!

    "Sorry just doesn't cut it!"

    Advocacy matters!

    It makes a difference

    Answered Prayers

    Battling hunger

    Gentle the condition

    A just society where co-operation is valued as much as competition and where compassion always triumphs over contempt

    Ahead of the curve

    Unanswered questions on Gomery bias

    Tax Revolt!

    If they can do this to us, they can do this to anyone

    "We are not satisfied!"

    Darfur:The Montreal Conference

    The Conrad Black Verdict

    Why we all need to care about the politics of justice

    The Suburban's
    New Editor

    Beryl Wajsman

    On The Slippery Slope to Thought Control

    Quebec's Press Council Decisions

    The Pressure at the Pumps

    This Time it's the Greed not the Greens

    Montreal's Meter War

    The Brewing Urban Tax Revolts

    Communities of Conscience: The Budapest Wallenberg Memorial Project

    Support from the Anglican Church of Canada

    The Tale of Two Nazanins

    A Victory for Valor

    From the Klan to Tehran

    Baker, Carter, Duke & the New Cliveden Mindset

    The Peter March Concordia Lecture

    Islam and Democracy
    The Urgency of Reforming State Faith

    Therefore Choose Courage

    Lest We Forget
    Canadians of Conscience

    Religious Profiling

    Quebec Style

    10th Institute Policy Conference

    Questions of Values
    Ways of Response to the Islamist Challenge

    The Problem with Liberalism

    It's The Statism Stupid

    Quebec and A Question of Values

    The Montreal Rally for "Peace"

    A Nation
    Under Suspicion

    Time to Stop the Tyranny of the Mindless

    Chantal Beaubien

    An Institute Intern Hits the Front Lines

    The CUPE Boycott of Israel

    Echoes of Darker Evils

    Memory and Witness

    The EMSB, the Institute and the Palatucci Facility

    The Scarlet Lettering of Christopher Statham

    Foreign Law and
    Free Press

    The Freedom to Choose: Always the Right Side of History

    The Problem with Total Smoking Bans

    9th Institute Policy Conference

    United Nations Office for Project Services and the New Realities of the Middle East

    The Moslem Riots

    Why We Owe Them Nothing

    Boycotting Israel

    The Hypocrisies of
    Petty Narcissms

    A Judge's Hanging

    The Lynching of
    Andrée Ruffo

    Power Play

    Big Oil, Big Government, Big Fraud

    Days of Drums

    Times of Treason

    The "Responsibility to Protect"

    The U.N. Is Not Responsible and Canada Does Not Protect

    A Time to Strive and Not To Yield

    BPW in the Media on Liberals,Lapierre and Leadership

    A Political Mugging

    The Politics of
    Canada's Nixon

    Julius Grey Attacks the New Prohibitionists

    Loi 112
    Excessif et Paternaliste!

    New Orleans
    Crisis and Challenge

    A Human Triumph of the Power of One

    Sharia Justice

    Veiled Freedom

    The Money Gap

    Andy Stern, Alan Greenspan and the Emerging Clash Over Economic Class

    Hey State! Stay Out of Our Fate

    The Travesty of the Hotel Godin Affair

    It Can Happen Here

    If You Don't
    Stand for Something
    You'll Fall for Anything

    Just as Many
    Just as Mad

    A Citizen's Advice to the Ethics Commissioner

    "Nothing Illegal" Says Counsel for

    A Top Ten List of
    Gomery Hypocrisy

    After Chaoulli: Still In Critical Condition

    The Health-Care Crisis and the
    Crutch of the Courts

    Justice for the
    Rev. Darryl Gray

    Stand Up In Solidarity

    Dare To Call It Treason

    The Corbeil Allegations and the Oligarchy of Canadian Politics

    Hope Conquers Dismay

    Jake Eberts Brings Gandhi's Message of Non-Violence to the
    Middle East

    To Spend Oneself in a Worthy Cause

    The Arena of Dust and Sweat and Blood

    Revenue Quebec

    Time For the
    Geese to Hiss

    The Gomery Deception

    Complicity in the Corridors of Consequence

    Never To Mirror What We Seek To Destroy

    Pre-Emptive Intelligence Not Preventive Controls

    It's Time to Fix It

    The World's Meeting Place for Human Rights Leadership

    Mandatory Backfire

    The Quality of
    Justice Strained

    Illiberal Justice

    Low Limitation and
    Narrow Circumstance

    Hey Canada!

    Can You Handle
    the Truth?

    Unity and Community

    A Program for a True Alliance for Progress


    A Pharoah Who Knew Not Joseph

    Daring To Care

    The Imperative of Redemptive Rage

    A Modern Blood Libel

    The Mohammed al-Durra Cover-Up

    Voir la souffrance et tenter de la guérir

    Les citoyens répondent ?la crise des enfants malades

    The Marriage Reference

    Illiberal Democracy

    A Catalyst for Conscience

    Canada, The U.N. and the China Trade

    The Arrogance of the Asian Tiger

    When Will
    Enough Be Enough?

    Big Brother-
    Canadian Style

    Too Much Law
    Too Little Justice

    Globalization's Victims

    Let's Label the Exploiters

    Dangerous Inmates

    Elmasry, Kathrada and the Plague of
    Illegitimate Orthodoxy

    Organized Labour and Charest's Third Way

    The Danger of the Gaspesia Gambit

    The Challenge of a National Stirring

    The Populist Vision of a New Political Plurality

    A Nation Adrift
    The Chicoutimi Disaster

    The Tragedy of
    Unfulfilled Promise
    and Undefined Purpose

    Concordia's Capitulation

    The Paralysis of Reason

    Ours Is To Reason Why

    Repairing the Chaos of Canada's Military Policies

    Doesn't Anyone Get Angry Anymore?

    Our Ambivalence to the Insolence of Authority

    A Reminder of Our Nation's Pride and Purpose

    A Day Aboard the
    HMCS Montreal

    The Bank Emperors Aren't Wearing Any Clothes

    Straight Talk On
    Bank Mergers

    On Public Revenues and Private Rights

    An Examination of the Tolerance of the Governed

    Barbarians Within Our Gates

    The CRTC and the Intellectual Incoherence of Statist Faith

    With One Voice

    For The
    Devastated of Darfour

    "Know Your Rights-Just Say No"

    Conference on Seniors Rights Co-sponsored by the Institute

    Five Pillars of Purpose

    Priorities for Planning in Defense and Security Policy

    The Council for Community Conciliation: An Institute Initiative on Hate Crime

    A Challenge to the Courage of our Convictions and the Content of our Character

    The Whistleblower and Our Leviathan of Oligarchy

    A Proposal for
    Legislative Action

    BPW's Closing Address to the 20th CDA Congress on Foreign Affairs & Defence Policies

    "Canada's Hope":A Nation Standing Tall With A Leadership That
    Stands Up

    The Neglect of the Elderly "Not Yet the Best to Be"

    A Visible Minority Besieged

    5th Institute Policy Conference: An Evening with Irshad Manji

    Opening Event of the Institute's Centre for Democratic Development

    Democracy Without Borders

    The Institute's Centre for Democratic Development

    Habitations Louis-Laberge

    2500 Social Housing Units for Montreal

    To Afflict the Comfortable and Comfort the Afflicted

    The Challenge of Hunger in a Free Society

    Opening Address to the 4th Institute Policy Conference

    "Pourquoi Israël?
    Why Israel?"

    Report on the 3rd Institute Policy Conference: James Woolsey on

    Security & Trade in the post-Iraq Era

    "A Matter of Honor"

    Address to the 3rd Policy Conference of the Institute for Public Affairs of Montreal

    The Signature of a Society: A Canadian Manifesto

    A Populist Agenda for the 21st Century

    Remarks by The Honourable Gar Knutson, Secretary of State for Central & Eastern Europe and the Middle East

    An Historic Speech of Truth Unbridled by Timidity during the House Debate on Iraq

    "Israel Assassin, Schecter Complice!": Prof.Stephen Schecter and UQAM

    Moral Relativism, Anti-Semitism & The Shame of Immoral Intellectual License

    Aspects of Attack

    An Agenda for
    Alliances and Action

    The Housing Crisis:An Historic Accord

    The Start of a Solution

    The Politics of Immigration

    Approaches for Ministerial Intervention

    Canada's Courage

    A Statement of the Spirit of the Nation

    Israel Myths & Facts

    A Checklist for Media Accuracy

    The Soldiers of Israel: The Frontline Defenders of the West

    Redemptive Acts of Courage and Conscience

    Financement et Flexibilit?

    La Gouvernement du Canada et les Programmes Destinés aux Organismes Communautaires, Culturels et Sociaux


    If This is a Free Society Why Are We Hounding Juliet O'Neill
    Lawrence Martin
    Jihadists Don't Care About Logic
    George Jonas
    How to Win a War: The Ethiopian Example
    Jack Kelly

    Robert Fulford
    A Determined Harper Flexes His Foreign Affairs Muscles
    Barbara Yaffe
    What next? Anti-harassment training in the crib?
    Ian A. Hunter
    Be Careful What You Wish For
    John O'Sullivan
    Israel Will Do Whatever It Takes
    Douglas Davis
    Leadership at Last
    John C. Crosbie
    Human Rights Carry a Price for Canada
    Lorne Gunter

    Lauryn Oates
    Dealing Decisively With the enemy
    Frank Gaffney,Jr.
    War? What war?
    Andrew C. McCarthy
    What the Crime Stats Don't Tell You
    Dan Gardner
    Canada and Kandahar
    Beryl P. Wajsman
    The Stuff of Leadership
    Beryl P. Wajsman
    The Secret Mulroney Tapes: A Quick Job for a Quick Buck
    John C. Crosbie
    A Victory for Multiculturalism over Common Sense
    Mark Steyn
    Bravo M. Bush!
    Jacques Brassard
    Europe-Thy Name is Cowardice
    Mathias Daepfner
    The Price of Justice
    Me. Julius Grey

    Thomas S. Axworthy
    A Country Going To Pieces
    Michael Bliss
    Robbery, Québec Style
    Prof.Pierre Lemieux

    The Brigitte Gabriel Lecture at Duke University

    Le Coran plutôt que la Charte des droits?
    Élaine Audet

    Janet Bagnall
    The Delusions and Denials of the Left: A Study in Contradiction and Incoherence
    Janet Daley
    Radical Relativism and the War in Iraq
    Elizabeth Nickson
    Crise Irakienne: Ces Pacifistes Contre la Paix
    Prof.Jean-Charles Chebat
    Chaire de commerce Omer DeSerres- HEC Montréal
    Vice-président de l'Académie des Sciences du Canada
    Sen.Daniel Patrick Moynihan: A Mind of One Piece, A Man for our Time
    Beryl P. Wajsmann
    UN Lets Tinpot Dictators Rule The World
    Janet Daley
    Signature of a Society:Jack,Paul,Sheila and the Wajsman Manifesto
    Jim Duff
    Le fascisme de gauche ?l'UQAM et ailleurs
    Prof.Stephen Schecter

    Gov.George H. Ryan
    The Death Penalty:A Continuing Blight on the Rights of Man
    Washington Post Editorial
    Bishops Can't Bring Peace on Earth:Religious Leaders Have No Monopoly On Good
    Mary Riddell
    La nouvelle panoplie du terrorisme:Une analyse
    Jacques Isnard
    Orwellian Prophecy and Our Time:The Compromise of Human Spirit and the Enforcement of Conformity
    Prof.Julius Grey
    War is the Only Option:We Must Stop Saddam's Killing Machine
    Elie Wiesel
    La présomption d'innocence:La police et les conférences de presse
    Yves Boisvert
    A Who's Who at Institute Conference
    Linda Massarella
    A Citizens Agenda of Better Banks--Not a Corporate Agenda of Bigger Banks
    Canadian Community Reinvestment Coalition
    The Crime of Punishment: Why the Innocent Confess
    Michael Kinsley
    Outrepassons les partis politiques:Besoin collectif d'un but
    Jean David
    A Brutal Loss of Innocence: The Trauma of Terror
    Andrew Mills
    Un nationalisme déplorable:Le rapport Romanow--le champ de bataille
    Me.Julius Grey


    George Jonas

    Civil Liberties are Timeless

    Lorne Gunter

    The Education of Robert Kennedy

    David Brooks

    Conrad Black Is Innocent

    Ian A. Hunter

    Time for a Fair Deal for Low-income Canadians

    David Pecaut and Susan Pigott

    Our World: The Longest-Running Big Lie

    Caroline Glick

    Feasting on Pessimism

    George Jonas

    The Hopeful Lies We Tell Ourselves

    Robert Fulford

    Statism Isn't Liberalism

    George Jonas

    Oriana Fallaci
    A Life Well Lived

    Appreciations from George Jonas, Daniel Pipes and
    Robert Spencer

    A Letter of Apology

    Lt.Gen.(ret.)Charles Pitman,USMC

    Why Canada Needs a Submarine Fleet

    Richard H. Gimblett,CD,Ph.D.

    Canada in the World: The Restoration of our National Pride and Purpose

    Beryl P. Wajsman

    Faits Saillants Historiques sur le Conflit du Proche Orient

    Institut des Affaires Publiques

    Recent Israeli Economic, Technological & Medical Quick Facts

    Institute for Public Affairs

    A Conversation with James Woolsey: Reflections from the former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

    James Duff

    Vers la "Prosperit?Durable": La Necessit?de Conscience

    l'Hon. Pierre S. Pettigrew

    Jobless and Hopeless: The Real Story Behind the Unemployment Rate

    Monica Davey with David Leonhardt

    The Pulp Fiction of the Peaceniks:Three Myths Ripe for Debunking

    Michael Gove

    Daniel Patrick Moynihan: Dean of the Senate, Conscience of the Nation

    Adam Clymer

    Luc Ferry: Une Condemnation de la Banalisation des Injures Racistes, Antisémites, et Antisionistes

    Le Monde

    Time to Walk the Walk: Canada's Faith in Multilateralism Must be Defended---By Force if Necessary

    Prof.Michael Ignatieff

    Montreal Professor Subjected to Anti-Semitism on Campus

    Mike Cohen

    Rev.Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Luck and the Death Penalty

    Arthur Miller

    Jack Jones:The Last Trade Union Hero-The Plight of the Poor and the Luck of the Middle Classes

    Andrew Gimson

    Institute for Public Affairs:

    A Pledge of Principles

    La Crise des Urgences:

    Document présent?au Ministre de la Sant?et des Services Sociaux par l'Association des medecins Specialistes en medecines d'Urgence(ASMUQ),Le Regroupement des Medecins D'Urgence du Quebec(ReMUQ)et l'Association de medecins d'urgence du Quebec (AMUQ)

    Papiers du Prof. Annette Paquot

    1.Peur de la vérit?
    2.Réaffirmer notre solidarit?avec le peuple Juif et l'État d'Israël
    3.Message au Recteur de l'Universit?du Québec ?Montréal
    4.Message au Président du Conseil d`àdministration de l`Universit?Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI)
    5.Réaction ?l'attentat terroriste ?l'Universit?hébraïque de Jérusalem

    Justice, Justice Shalt Thou Pursue: The Philosopher of Rational Liberalism

    The Rigorous Compassion of John Rawls

    Mid-East Backgrounder #11

    1.Galloping Anti-Semitism, Washington Post Editorial
    2.Israel in the Cross Hairs, Douglas Davis, The Spectator
    3.The Osirak Option, Nicholas D. Kristof,The New York Times
    4.Moral Jutsification for Going To War, Bishop Pierre W. Whalon,International Herald Tribune
    Institute Staff Compilation

    Imperatives of Assault: The Doctrinal Case in International Law for Armed Reprisals on Iraq

    Institute Executive Report

    The Art of War: An Illustrated Version Compiled by the Staff of the Institute

    Sun Tzu


    Canadian Committee on Labour History
    Canadian Labour Congress
    Canadian Social Progress
    European Trade Union Institute
    Fédération des travailleurs et travailleuses du Québec
    International Confederation of Free Trade Unions
    International Institute of Social History
    International Labour Organization
    Le Fonds de solidarit?FTQ
    National Committee for Labor Israel
    Trade Union Advisory Committee to the OECD
    Walter P. Ruether Library

    Access to Justice Network
    American Civil Liberties Union
    Amnesty International
    Association in Defence of the Wrongfully Convicted
    Canadian Banking Ombudsman
    Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
    Canadian Civil Liberties Association
    Canadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty
    Canadian Human Rights Commission
    Canadian Taxpayers Federation
    Center for Wrongful Convictions:Northwestern Law School
    Charte des droits et libertés de la personne du Québec
    Freedom From Want:The Four Freedoms Program
    Freedom of Information Coalition
    Human Rights Appeal of the Liberal International:The Ottawa Declaration 1987
    Human Rights Watch
    International Covenant on Civil & Political Rights
    International Covenant on Ecomomic, Social & Cultural Rights
    John Howard Society of Canada
    L'aide juridique du Québec
    Le Protecteur du Citoyen
    Legal Aid:Access to Justice
    Privacy Commissioner of Canada
    Southern Poverty Law Center
    Universal Declaration of Human Rights

    Economic & Social Policy
    Association des CLSC et des CHSLD du Québec
    C.D.Howe Institute
    Caledon Institute of Social Policy
    Canadian Association of Retired Persons
    Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
    Canadian Community Reinvestment Coalition:Bank Accountability
    Canadian Health Coalition
    Center for Social Policy Studies in Israel
    Centre for Equality Rights in Accomodation
    Centre for Social Justice:Advocacy for the Poor
    Coalition des Aînées et Aînés du Québec
    Coalition of Physicians for Social Justice
    Community Action on Poverty
    CorpWatch:Holding Corporations Accountable
    Drug Reform Co-ordinating Network
    Economic Policy Institute
    Ethics and Public Policy Center
    Institute for Research on Public Policy
    Maurice Falk Institute for Economic Research in Israel
    National Anti-Poverty Organization
    Russell Sage Foundation
    Schneider Institute for Health Policy
    Seniors Advocacy
    Seniors Policies and Programs Database
    Social Science Research Council

    Foreign & Military Affairs
    Belfer Center for International Affairs
    Canadian Security Intelligence Service
    Center for Applied Studies in International Negotiations
    Center for Strategic & International Studies
    Central Intelligence Agency
    Council on Foreign Relations
    International Institute for Strategic Studies
    Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies
    Jane's Intelligence Review
    National Security Agency
    Nuremberg Principles
    Royal Institute of International Affairs
    Royal United Services Institute for Defence Studies
    United Nations Watch
    Washington Institute for Near East Policy

    Think Tanks
    Brookings Institution
    Center for National Policy
    Hudson Institute
    National Policy Association
    Rand Institute

    The Agenda

    "The condition upon which man hath
    received liberty is eternal vigilance;
    which condition if he break, servitude
    is at once the consequence of his crime
    and the punishment of his guilt."

    ~ John Philpot Curran,
    Dublin 1800

    "A fig for those by law protected!
    Liberty's a glorious feast!
    Courts for cowards were erected,
    Churches built to please the priest."

    ~ Robert Burns

    THE MÉTROPOLITAIN - Unconventional Wisdom
    Montreal's bilingual journal of
    reflection, opinion and the arts

    Met Ann2.jpg

    News, Views and Special Events

    17 February 2013

    on twitter @berywajsman

    Launching The Métropolitain

    Québec`s first bilingual newspaper since 1842

    Speaking to staff and supporters at launch party for
    "The Métropolitain" at Chez Alexandre et fils on Peel St .

    Met mural in the offices of the paper


    "The Last Angry Man"

    For archives of all shows please go to one of the following links:


    The journal of the Institute

    All Barricades issues and articles are now online at:


    Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal for Community Service

    Speaking at ANTI-BILL 14 Protest at Marois' office
    CTV's full video
    17 February 2013


    Contre le projet de Loi 14
    Sur RDI avec Brigitte Bougie
    17 February 2013


    CBC Interview on Anti-Bill 14 Rally
    "One law too far" 
    17 February 2013


    Advocating for ANTI-BILL 14 Protest
    13 February 2013

    For full story click on link below

    25 January 2013

    A new anglo voice?

    by Richard Deschamps rdeschamps@astral.com 


    A new group currently gathering momentum is looking to act as an
    umbrella group to speak for federalist anglophones in Quebec.


    The group, called Canadian Rights in Quebec -- CRITIQ for short --
    has a similar mission to groups like Alliance Quebec; to promote linguistic
    equality and combat language discrimination.


    And it was created, in part, to counter the possibility of tougher language
    laws coming from the recently-installed PQ government.


    "They've been in the formation stages ever since the PQ got elected," says
    Mike Cohen,the Cote St. Luc city councillor who sat in on one of their
    meetings. "And I think it's comforting for the English community to know that
    there's a group like this that's establishing itself."

    Businessman Gary Shapiro is spearheading the movement, and among some
    of the other notables involved include former politicians Robert Libman and
    Gerry Weiner, Suburban editor Beryl Wajsman and political
    columnist Barbara Kay.

    For a fuller report on CRITIQ including The Suburban profile please go to:


    On Sun News with Brian Dunstan
    on Justin Trudeau and the Islamic Conference
    24 December 2012


    En débat avec Mario Beaulieu (SSJB)
    sur l'émission Denis Levesque
    7 Septembre 2012



    Institute advocacy results in major Revenue Quebec reforms
    Journal de Montréal:
    Revenu Québec renonce aux cotisations «choc?BR>
    Finance Minister and Director-General act after abuses brought to light
    23 August 2012

    MET RQ2.jpg

    For full story and details from The Métropolitain and
    Le Journal de Montréal please go to following link:


    Keynote Address to McGill model UN Conference
    Sheraton Centre Montreal
    26 Jan. 2012

    Video excerpt from keynote remarks to 1500
    participants at McGill model UN conference.

    Third largest in North America
    after Harvard and Penn State.


    Full speech video at

    Advocacy, anger and activism
    The many facets of Beryl Wajsman
    by Sarah Feldman


    On CTV's "National Affairs"
    For an end to the big lies in Quebec's culture wars

    5 January 2012


    Avec Mario Dumont
    Les Québecois anglophones font-ils assez
    d'efforts pour matriser le Français?

    6 Dec. 2011


    Testifying against The Payette Plan
    Assurance obtained from Minister
    protecting non-francophone media

    14 Nov. 2011

    For full report please go to following link on this site:

    On CTV's National Affairs with Tasha Kheiriddin
    and Rudyard Griffiths

    Cautioning on the Quebec construction inquiry

    18 Oct. 2011


    With Bikel

    May 2011

    Please see the story at the following link


    Table de l'Espoir 2011
    Avec Richard Martineau

    Canadian Association of Journalists

    April 2011

    Elected vice-president for public affairs

    Taking Back The Streets!

    Oct.2010 - Feb.2011

    With Eric Duhaime, Daniel Lapres, David Ouellette and
    Sharon Freedman organized the citizens coalition that
    stopped the Amir Khadir led PAJU attempted boycott of the
    Le Marcheur store on St. Denis St. because it sold Israeli
    products. In picture above left the critical day when MPs
    Marc Garneau, Marlene Jennings and MNAs Lawrence
    Bergman and Francois Bonnardel stood with us. Ouellette
    is to my right and Duhaime to my left. Anti-boycott
    demos were held every Saturday for five months.

    For full stories please see:

    With Paul Gérin-Lajoie

    June 2010

    After joining the advisory council of the Paul Gérin-Lajoie
    Foundation helped the organizing committee for the gala
    celebrating his 90th birthday.

    For full story see "Résister aux comparisons" at

    13,000 Montrealers salute Israel
    Hosting the Israel Independence Day Rally

    April 20, 2010

    ?Bienvenue, amis de la libert??BR>?Chag ha’atzmaut sameyach ?/EM>

    “I want to welcome everyone to this celebration of joy!
    Welcome to this celebration of the free! What we celebrate
    today are not the particularities of race and creed, but the
    universality of liberty. And the survival and success of the
    frontline member of the family of free nations in the face of
    constant existential threat.
    “I want to address a few particular words to the young people
    here. No, I am not going to tell you that you are the guarantors
    of tomorrow. You already know that. I am here to tell you that
    you are the surety of today! And you are not alone. In Quebec
    today there are varieties of opinion on all manner of issues.
    They are expressed with passion in the free battleground of
    ideas. And that is a good thing. Many of these opinions we
    don’t like. Some of you have faced many taunts of nullification
    and interposition expressed with inappropriate ferocity. But
    you responded as democrats, with reason and engagement.
    You need to know you are not alone.
    “Comme Jacques Brassard, l’ex Ministre de transport du
    Quebec dans les gouvernements de Bernard Landry et Lucien
    Bouchard a écrit, ?Le combat d’Israël pour sa survie, c’est
    aussi notre combat! C'est le combat de l'Occident tout entier!
    Israel ne doit pas se laisser distraire de ses objectifs par la
    chorale des pleureuses de gauche et des ennemis de
    l'Occident. La reussite d'Israël se doit d'être sans equivoque!?BR> 
    “That is the message I want all of you to take back from here
    today. And draw courage from it!?/FONT>

    For a full report on the rally please go to the following link on
    this site:


    Special Interview

    March 7, 2010

    On Language


    The interplay of English optics and French optique on
    Canada’s political scene has long fascinated Beryl Wajsman,
    president of the Montreal-based Institute for Public Affairs and
    editor of The Suburban, Quebec’s largest English-language
    weekly. “The ‘optique,?as it is called in very politically savvy
    Quebec, is everything,?he wrote in a 2007 column for
    Canada Free Press. Wajsman told me that optics and optique may
    have first commingled in Montreal around the time of the 1980
    referendum on Quebec’s sovereignty. Independence for the
    province was voted down, with the “No?side bolstered by a
    stirring speech from Pierre Trudeau at Montreal’s Paul Sauv?BR>Arena just days before the referendum. Trudeau’s bold
    intervention, Wajsman recalls, created some powerful optics.

    For the complete text of this New York Times article
    please go to the following link:


    Montréal Municipale 2009

    With Mayor Tremblay and his wife on election night

    A new agenda for Montreal


    En débat avec Gilles Proulx sur "Dumont 360"


    Animateur pour "Sexy béton"
    Théatre Porte-Parole


    Certificates or recognition from MPs
    Marc Garneau and Marlene Jennings

    Moderating Cotler Town Hall on
    fighting anti-semitism

    June 22 2009

    National newspaper award for anti-rascism editorial
    28 May 2009

    1st Anniversary issue of The Metropolitain
    May Day 2009

    To see the entire issue please lick on the link below


    Liberal Convention
    Vancouver 2009

    With Brigitte Garceau and her winning "Team Garceau" in her
    successful bid for the vice-presidency of the Liberal Party of Canada

    With l'Hon. Martin Cauchon, social activist Chris Karidigionnis and
    former Ministerial Chief of Staff Anne-Marie Laurendeau

    With citizens coalition demanding municipal change
    April 8, 2009

    Press conference of citizens coalition. L-r, Le Mas des Oliviers'
    owner Jacques Muller, Yvon Créton, Alexandre et fils owner
    Alain Créton, BPW, and Sharon Freedman,co-organizer of the
    25,000 signature anti-parking meter petition.
    The conference denounced city policies and unveiled the
    PetitionParcometre.com website.

    Full story at:


    Wajsman for Mayor?

    See reactions at:


    The suburban and Editor win Canadian and Quebec awards
    27 March 2009

    Full story at following link:


    With Mount Royal MP Irwin Cotler and Palestine
    Human Rights Monitoring Group founder and
    director Bassam Eid

    Causing a stir
    27 February 2009

    Alfred Apps says Wajsman has played a consultative role
    behind certain Liberal policies–for which Apps makes no
    apologies. “I think there’s an effort here on the
    part of the Tories to slam people with guilt by association. Beryl is one
    of the militants that is helping with the party, and his help
    is welcomed.?The presumptive next Liberal President–he is
    currently running unopposed–suggests the so-called
    “banned list?on which Wajsman appeared was less about
    meted out justice than it was a vestige of the old, bitter feud
    between Paul Martin and Jean Chrétien. “That list was
    created before the Gomery Commission had made any of its
    findings,?Apps said.

    Montreal lawyer Julius Grey told Maclean's, “There is no
    evidence that Beryl is anything but honest. There is only so
    much a citizen can take of having mud thrown at him.?/STRONG>

    ~ Macleans, 27 February 2009

    For full stories and reactions please go to following link:


    Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Legacy Award Ceremony
    16 January 2009

    (l-r) Rev. Darryl G. Gray, BPW, Quebec Minister of Immigration
    and Cultural Communities Yolande James,
    Mayor Gerald Tremblay

    with Father John Walsh and City Councillor Mary Deros

    with community activists led by
    Gemma Raeburn-Baynes at right

    To read Rev. Gray's comments please click on
    the link below:


    On Gaza
    with CTV's Tarah Schwartz
    11 January 2009

    “No nation can sit idly by while over 8000 rockets over
    six years are hurled at it. Even Egypt closed its borders
    to the Gazan regime. Many speak of Hamas as the
    duly elected government of Gaza. Yet they conveniently
    forget that Hamas only got elected because it killed or
    drove out most of their Fatah opponents prior to the vote.
    It was an election as Stalinist as any.?/STRONG>

    Tarah Schwartz, Beryl Wajsman, Laith Marouf

    Click on the following link to see the interview and debate


    With Ignatieff
    10 December  2008

    "Cassandra's Lilacs"
    Theatre St-Denis
    2 October 2008

    The Garceau Foundation and the Institute present
    the "Gentle the Condition" benefit consert

    Foundation founder and president Brigitte Garceau

    Beryl Wajsman and Dennis Trudeau

    Director Brian Morel, Brigitte Garceau,
    Beryl Wajsman

    For a full report on this vey special event please go to
    the following link on this site:

    To view the videos of the concert in four parts
    please click on the links below

    Ranee Lee and her band performing


    Ottawa "Human Dignity Rally"
    7 August 2008

    For full report on the rally and more pictures
    go to the following link on this site:

    Speaking at Parliamentary press gallery prior ro rally
    with (l-r) Mount Royal MP and former Justice Minister
    Irwin Cotler, international human rights activist
    Nazanin Afshin-Jam and former Secretary of State
    for Asia/Pacific David Kilgour

    BW speech at rally can be viewed at the following link:

    On Terrorists, Canada and Montreal

    BPW, CNN terrorism analyst Peter Bergin,
    and "American Jihad" author Steven Emerson


    Solutions for Sudan

    Interview with  Marci Ian on Canada AM discussing the Darfur genocide


    “To save a single life…”
    The Saul Itzhayek Affair

    Vigil at Itzhayek home with community
    religious leaders and attorney Julius Grey

    At inter-faith demonstration at Rev. Darryl Gray's church

    In studio with Saul and Sylvia Itzhayek,
    former Justice Minister Irwin Cotler
    and Cotler's executive assistant Howard Liebman
    Please see "Itzhayek home!" at


    "Answered Prayers"
    Gentling the condition

    BPW with (l-r) attorney and community activist Brigitte Garceau,
    journalist P.A. Sévigny
    and the City of Montreal`s Réal Normandeau
    at meeting to help the Maison du Partage d`Youville
    food bank and community kitchen

    Please see story at following link:

    See full report on frontline social service groups at:

    Darfur: The Montreal Conference

    BPW opening Conference. Left to right the Hon. David Kilgour,
    Maj.-Gen. (ret.) Lewis W. MacKenzie, Southern Christian
    Leadership Conference President Dr. Charles Steele, Jr.

    For the complete text please go to the following link:


    Letter of congratulations from the Hon. Jason Kenney

    A Special Visitor

    With former Secretary of State Kissinger at the
    Conference de Montreal

     At Israel Independance Rally

    D'arcy McGee MNA Lawrence Bergman, Public Security Minister
    Stockwell Day and BPW

    Interviewing Stéphane Dion

    The New Suburban


    The Politics of Justice

    For the complete text please go to the following link:


    New Challenge


    See announcement in full at the following link:


    Battling Hunger
    Institute`s Citizen-based solutions

    Elizabeth Nickson

    Behind the scrim of the noisy war on terrorism, the United States
    launched, in October, the largest domestic-policy initiative
    of the past 40 years. With US$65-billion potentially at stake,
    in the quick flourish of an executive order, faith-based charity
    became the biggest social experiment in history. Lucky
    for us, the Americans do all the dirty work. Canadians must
    watch their progress with enormous interest. As the
    Canadian Association of Food Banks makes clear, food-bank
    use in Canada reaches 778,000 people a month and has
    doubled since 1989. That's more than the entire population
    of New Brunswick, points out a press release from
    the organization, which appears to document its statistics
    meticulously. The solution? "A comprehensive policy
    to realize food security for all citizens," says the group.
    Anyone else smelling a Charter challenge? Noble
    as that would be, people are starving, and cannot wait for
    the "right to food" to be written into the Constitution.
    As Amy Sherman of the Hudson Institute says: "Kids
    are dying on the streets, single moms are making $6
    an hour. All hands on deck."

    So a few Montrealers have taken matters into their own very
    competent hands. A group of corporations and unions, at
    the instigation of The Institute for Public Affairs, under the
    stewardship of the magnetic Beryl P. Wajsman, have made
    a commitment, in perpetuity, to feed as many as
    half-a-million hungry Quebecers. This is Quebec civil
    society in action. Working together, without a penny
    from government to solve an immediate problem. According
    to Wajsman, Charles Seiden, the executive director of
    the Canadian Association of Food Banks "puts the
    number of Canadians suffering through, as he calls it,
    'food insecurity,' at three to four million." Not a pretty number
    , especially when you consider the billions that Ottawa's
    bloated bureaucracy flushes down the toilet on vanity projects.
    Wajsman and his partners are planning to extend
    their Quebec initiative across Canada.
    What Beryl Wajsman and his fellows are doing seems to be the
    Canadian version of a faith-based initiative. We must
    hope that he succeeds -- and that more citizens take back the
    fundamental responsibility for care of the
    poor from a government that has failed.

    On Social Justice
    The Issue No One Is Talking About

    The most unpleasant sound to a politician is silence. Just ask Ed Broadbent. The former leader of the New Democratic Party left Parliament in 1989 to pursue a career as a teacher and lecturer. But as he traveled the country talking up his favorite theme—the lingering “national disgrace?of child poverty—Broadbent was shocked by the degree of apathy. “No one paid attention,?he says.
    It was Broadbent who pricked the nation’s conscience 15 years ago by reminding citizens that thousands of Canadian youngsters went hungry every night. The message struck a chord with a population that had prided itself on being a global model of fairness. In 1989, a year after the N.D.P. won 43 seats in its best-ever federal showing, Broadbent leveraged the party’s clout in what was then a Tory-minority government to secure a resolution pledging to “eliminate?child poverty by 2000. At the time an estimated 1 in 6 Canadian children lived below the poverty line. Not only did the pledge go unfulfilled, but things have got worse. The number of people earning less than $11,000 a year grew during the 1990s by 34%. About a million Canadians under the age of 18 are in dire need, according to Campaign 2000, a national antipoverty group.

    And so the problem festers. True, much of the economic news is good: employment is at an “all-time high,?Bank of Canada economist Stéfane Marion told the Globe and Mail last week, adding, “We believe the economy could actually return to its production potential before the end of 2005.?But too many Canadians aren’t keeping up. According to Beryl Wajsman, president of Montreal’s Institute for Public Affairs, a third of the nation’s work force has less than two weeks?salary in the bank. Canada, Wajsman says, has only a “thin veneer of affluence.?BR> 
    Why aren’t we talking about this? Here’s one reason. While political leaders are scrambling to outbid one another with plans for spending the nearly $3 billion surplus stored up over a tough decade of budget cuts, few seem willing to risk appealing to the better angels of our nature. In 1968 Pierre Trudeau won Canada’s heart by promising a “just society.?The fear mongering that has come to dominate the campaign—the Liberals began airing TV spots last week implying that Canadians were at risk from guns, pro-lifers and foreign wars—suggests that party tacticians believe today’s voters are interested only in getting through the night safely. Wajsman doesn’t buy it. “They’re not giving the electorate enough due,?he says. “Social justice is the bread-and-butter issue of our time, but it takes political courage to bring this up.?/FONT>

    Fighting Censor

    Thursday, May 17, 2007

    BPW on the dangers of press councils
    and self-censorship

    To read the article in full please go to the following link:

    A Tale of Two Nazanins
    A Victory for Valor

    Saturday, February 03, 2007


    To the editors
    Re: "A Credit to Her Crown"

    The Post is to be commended for highlighting Vancouver's Nazanin Afshin- Jam's successful campaign to free Nazanin Fatehi from Tehran's infamous Evin prison. Ms. Fatehi languished in prison for two years after being sentenced to death for stabbing a man who was trying to rape her. Since there were not four male witnesses to the attempted rape, as required by Shariah law, Ms. Fatehi was convicted of premeditated murder. Her case drew some media attention, but it was not until Ms. Afshin-Jam -- 2003 Miss World Canada -- took the lead that the world really took notice. The decision by Iran's judiciary to reverse itself is almost unprecedented.
    At a recent Public Affairs of Montreal conference on "Questions of Values: Ways of Response to the Islamist Challenge," Ms. Afshin-Jam used Ms. Fatehi's story as a case study, illustrating the embedded discrimination that exists under Shariah Law. In this age of universal deceit, when as George Orwell wrote, "merely speaking the truth is a revolutionary act," Ms. Afshin-Jam's actions are truly a passionate profile in courage. Many in Canada like to argue that we are a "reasonable" society, not a passionate one. Yet the two are not mutually exclusive.

    Passion is not the opponent of reason. Fear is. And lives fuelled by fear are not very much at all.

    Beryl P. Wajsman, president, Institute for Public Affairs of Montreal

    Nazanin Afshin-Jam (l.) at Amnesty International's World Day Against
    the Death Penalty in Berlin demonstrating for Nazanin Fatehi

    As many of you know we have focused much attention on air, and given moral and material support from the Institute, to the singularly heroic work of human rights activist Nazanin Afshin-Jam in her efforts to free 18-year old Nazanin Fatehi from Tehran’s notorious Evin prison where she has languished for two years after being sentenced to death for stabbing the man who was trying to rape her. Fatehi’s case had drawn some world attention, but it was not until Afshin-Jam, who had already engaged in humanitarian work from Africa to Asia, put her life on hold to lead an international effort to save the life of this young girl facing the hangman’s noose because of Sharia law that the world sat up and took notice.

    For more on this story please go to the following link:


    Nazanin Afshin-Jam speaking at a recent Institute conference



    By Beryl Wajsman
    A Canadian Profile in Courage
    February 03, 2007

    “Each time a person stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, they send forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from thousands of different centres of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.?

    ~ Robert F. Kennedy

    Many make the mistake that because we, as a society, strive for reason, that we must therefore abdicate passion. Yet passion is not the opponent of reason. Fear is. And a life fuelled by fear is not very much at all. Nazanin Afshin-Jam did not forget passion and did not submit to fear. In her single-minded pursuit of justice for Nazanin Fatehi she has served as an example for all Canadians making us realize that we are at our best when we transcend our narrow narcissisms and become involved in mankind’s transcendent yearnings for redemptive change.



    10th Institute Policy Conference
    “Questions of Values: Ways of Response to the Islamist Challenge ?BR>October 25th, 2006
    Delta Centre-Ville Hotel



    From l-r: BPW, Nazanin Afshin-Jam, Brigitte Gabriel,
    Dr. Wafa Sultan, Nonie Darwish, Germain Belzile


    The urgency of individual resolve
    BPW’s reflections from the Conference




    Wednsday, November 1, 2006

    Thursday, October26, 2006

    3rd Institute Policy Conference

    Security and Trade in the post-Iraq Era:

    "Doing Business in a Dangerous World---Redressing the Balance in U.S.Canadian Relations"

     Beryl Wajsman, The Hon.Perrin Beatty, Thomas d'Aquino, R.James Woolsey, John F. Angus, Michael F. Gallagher

    We are pleased to report that the Institute's 3rd Policy Conference , held May 29th at the Club St.Denis, was a resounding success. We have already had positive reactions from circles in Ottawa and in Washington. Jim Duff's report on it, posted in our Initiatives section, may be viewed at:


    We would also urge you to look at
    "A Conversation with James Woolsey:
    Reflections from the former Director of
    the Central Intelligence Agency" posted to our Insight section
    at the following location:


    Dale L. Watson, Raymonde Folco, M.P., Stockwell Day, M.P.,
    Lt.-Gen. (ret.) Charles H. Belzile, Patrick Gagnon

    A Sampling of Participants Comments:

    "Jim Woolsey and Dale Watson were genuinely impressed and honored by the professionalism and treatment. They are already talking about how soon they can come back to Canada."-Gerald Chipeur,Esq., Chipeur Advocates, Calgary

    "Gen. Belzile and I thoroughly enjoyed the Conference. It was professionally run with an excellent group of speakers. The networking was of excellent value."-Col.(ret.)Alain Pellerin, Executive Director, Canadian Defence Associations, Ottawa

    "Thank you for a most stimulating Conference."-David Bensoussan, Communautés Sepharade du Québec, Montréal

    "I was thoroughly riveted by the presentations...it was a rare opportunity. A Tour de Force!"-Marie Bourbonniere, Raymond Chabot

    "I really enjoyed this Conference. Keep on with the good work in building Canada's future."- Me.Stephane Hébert, IRB

    Please view BPW's Conference opening address entitled "A Matter of Honor" at the following link:


    “It was a who’s who?at the
    Institute for Public Affairs of Montreal
    Security & Trade Conference

    Sunday, June 1, 2003

    Beryl Wajsman, president of the influential Institut des Affaires Publiques de Montreal, has just wrapped up the Institute’s 3rd Policy Conference. Entitled “Doing Business in a Dangerous World: Security & Trade in the Post Iraq Era?brought together major politicians, military and security officials and leading CEO’s.
    It was a who's who of intrigue at the by-invitation-only Conference held at the Club St. Denis. Former CIA head honcho James Woolsey was the keynote speaker and spent some time at a breakfast meeting with some high-powered Institute board members and Wajsman’s special invited guests.
    Retired General Charles Belzile was there, as were businessmen, lawmakers and intelligence experts The Hon. Perrin Beatty, Thomas d'Aquino, President & CEO of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, Dale L. Watson, former Director of Counter-Terrorism for the FBI, Raymonde Folco, M.P., Michael F. Gallagher, Minister-Counsellor at the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa , John F. Angus, President of the Stonehenge Corporation and board member of UBS (Canada) and Patrick Gagnon, former M.P. and current President of Protocol Strategies
    But it was Canadian Alliance MP Stockwell Day who made everyone laugh when he joked to Woolsey he'd love to be an undercover diplomat for the U.S. intelligence agency: "I'd love to tell people my last name is Bond, only trouble is I'd have to say, 'Hello, I'm Stock Bond.' "

    4th Institute Policy Conference

    Québec and Israel:

    "A Challenge to the Content of our Character and the Courage of our Conscience"

    Israeli Foreign Ministry North American Director Aharon Yaar,
    Ronald Denom (SNC), Nino Colavecchio (Canadian Italian Congress)

    The Institute has just concluded it's first Quebec-Israel Conference on Civil Society held July 7th at the Club St-Denis in Montréal. This historic encounter was the first time that leaders of every sector of Quebec met with representatives of the Government of Israel on a broad-based summit agenda. Political, economic and cultural relations were covered by an important and compelling assembly of leaders. Four Israeli officials, including Aharon Yaar, Director of the North American Division of the Foreign Ministry of Israel and newly appointed Montreal Consul-General Marc Attali attended. We are proud that all sectors of Quebec were represented including business, labor, government, cultural groups, media and academe. Among the notable guests were Henri Mass? President of the FTQ, Guy Bouthillier of the Sociét?St-Jean Baptiste, Andr?Pratte of La Presse, Francis Bellido, President of the Sociét?Generale de Finance (Sant?, Nino Colavecchio, President of the Congress of Italo-Canadians, Jean E. Fortier, President of the Conseil des Relations internationales de Montréal, Danielle Laberge, Vice-Rector of UQAM and Ronald Denom, Senior Vice-President of SNC-Lavalin International. Other participants from the business community included Myriam Truchon, Director of Public Affairs and Environment of Hydro-Québec, Edith Ducharme of CDP Capital and Alain Bonneau of Montreal International.

    Guy Bouthillier (SSJB), Alain Bonneau (Mtl.Intl.), Andr?Pratte (La Presse),
    Francis Bellido (SGF), Henri Mass?(FTQ), BPW

    When we we were asked to organize this conference we were quite pleased to accept because for us at the Institute, the support of Israel, without implying a blanket endorsement of all its policies, represents the support of a democracy and that is as much a part of the progressive agenda as the other causes we have represented, defended and participated in such as the compensation fight for the Duplessis orphans with Jacques Hébert, the plight of refugees with Sœur Andrée Menard, the protection of the homeless with housing co-ops O.E.I.L. and ROMEL, and the opposition to bank mergers with the Community Coalition for Re-investment. The fight for social justice is global and we should never be so smug as to think is stops at our borders.

    Francis Bellido, Consul-General Marc Attalli, Edward Brandone (FTQ),
    Alain Bonneau, Édith Ducharme (CDP Capital)

    Les liens entre le peuple juif, l’Israël et le Québec sont longs et profonds. C’est ici que Louis-Joseph Papineau aida ?mener le combat qui permis l’émancipation totale des juifs en 1832, et ce huit ans avant l’Angleterre. C’est ici que des leaders syndicaux québécois appuyés par des syndicalistes d’origine italienne et juive ont créé ?travers les années 30, 40 et 50 l’état qui peut se vanter d’avoir, avec l’Italie et l’Israël, le plus important pourcentage de travailleurs syndiqués de l’Occident. Les premiers remous intellectuels visant ?bâtir une sociét?distincte se sont inspirés de ce qui se faisait de mieux au monde en matière gouvernementale, c’est ainsi que le ?Guide des patriotes ?de Marcel Chaput proposait plusieurs les institutions israéliennes comme exemples pour le Québec. Finalement, nous pouvons pas oublier que 20% de la population d’Israël ont le francais comme langue maternelle.

    Les modèles québécois et israéliens d’intervention de l’état pour la justice sociale sont par mis les plus inclusifs et compatissants au monde. L’Israël fait aujourd’hui face ?beaucoup des mêmes problèmes économiques et défis syndicaux que le Québec a si bien gér?depuis les trente dernières années. Le Québec a une expertise économique unique ?partager, notamment la création du Fonds Solidarit? Parallèlement, l’Israël est devenu un modèle mondial parmi les nations plus petites pour ses succès dans la mise en place d’une infrastructure technologique sans pareil, et le Québec peut bénéficier de cette expertise pour l’expansion des secteurs de biotechnologie, de pharmaceutiques et d’aviation.

    There is a need for heightened understanding between the two societies, and we already have indications that this first meeting is leading to exciting new initiatives of co-operation in the political, economic and cultural arenas.

    We invite you to view the opening address of the Conference entitled
    "Why Israel?" at:

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: "Laberge, Danielle"
    To: "'Institute for Public Affairs'" <

    Cher Beryl,

    J'ai ét?ravie par notre rencontre de lundi au club St-Denis.
    Un grand mercide m'avoir invitée. Je serai ravie de
    poursuivre la collaboration avec l'Institut .
    Danielle Laberge
    Vice-Rectrice ?l'enseignement, ?la recherche et ?la création

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    Canadian Interests

    Canada's Foreign Policy Review

    A Chance at
    Redemptive Change

    The Institute for Public Affairs of Montreal

    A Pledge of Principles

    "...And Justice For All...": The Case for Fiscal Equity and Equality

    An End to "Them That Has, Keeps"

    Corporate Governance and Accountability:

    Combinations of Institutional Intimacies and Concentrations of Unnatural Profits

    Globalization and the Rights of Man

    Labor's New
    Crown of Thorns

    “Evidence of Innocence is Irrelevant": The Death Penalty and the Illinois Experiment

    The Fallibility of
    Human Judgment

    The Criminal Justice System: The Crimes of Punishment

    The Crying Need for Legal, Penal and Parole Reform

    The Quebec Election

    A Transition Not a Transformation

    A Matter of Prejudice

    Quebec Shouldn't Accomodate
    Quebec Should Acculturate

    The Second Fall of Quebec Inc.

    Time for an Untranquil Revolution

    To Withstand Comparisons

    The Challenge to Boisclair's Sovereigntists

    The Colavecchio Affair

    Our Ongoing Ordeal
    With Civility

    Quebec's Call for Clarity

    What the Federal Election Results from Quebec Mean for Canada

    Time to Fight
    Fire with Fire

    An End to the Blackmail


    The Holocaust Day Election

    An Orgy of Hate: The Disgrace of Prejudice

    An Open Letter to the Ministers of Justice and Immigration of Canada

    To Revive Our
    Courage to Loathe

    An End to the Paralysis
    of the Rational

    A View from Amman

    Or How Not to
    Read the Signs

    Brit Academics
    Boycott Israel

    Brit Proctologists
    Throw Party

    Avnery's Axe

    The Truth of Today's Middle East Realities

    The Hariri Assassination

    The United Nations Condemns Syria

    The Hijacking of Legacy

    Irrational Theocracy, Irresponsible Theology

    After Arafat: Perils and Prospects in the
    Middle East

    The Strategic Realities of Asymmetrical Polarization

    Les masques tombent

    Les enlèvements des deux journalistes français

    Islamic Iconography: One Faith, One State

    The Inevitable Confrontation
    with the West

    Les lendemains de la guerre

    Vers une démocratie ou un morcellement de l’Irak ?

    American Democrat Not American Caesar

    The Bush Doctrine as
    Pax Liberta

    The American Election

    Why It's About the War Stupid!

    Imperatives of Assault:Legitimacy as Precursor to Sovreignty

    The Case for the Bush Doctrine on Iraq

    Islam Absolu

    Les Débordements du Fondamentalisme Islamique

    Iraq and Weapons of Mass Destruction:National Security Archive Report

    American and British intelligence reports on the existence and intended use by Iraq of its WMD program.

    Mid-East Backgrounder:Breaking News

    U.S.,Israeli,Turkish Agreements on Iraqi Crisis

    The Acquisition of Weapons of Mass Destruction:

    An Unclassified CIA Report

    Operation Defensive Shield-The Legality of Armed Response

    The Case for Israel in International Law

    Un Ami d'Israël

    Dix Declarations d'Amitiés

    The Politics of a Guaranteed Income:

    The Tragedy of Unfulfilled Promise

    Health Care: The Test of our National Consensus

    The Untouchable Universal

    The Passion

    The Eternal Vessel for the Teaching of Contempt

    They Poisoned The Wells:The Old/New Anti-Semitism

    Exclusiveness and Intolerance in the Post-9/11 World

    The Hype of the Hypocrites:

    The Reality of the
    Political Man

    Ten Days That Sear Our Souls

    Wallenberg, King and Auschwitz

    8 May 1945

    A Personal Reflection on Memory and Witness

    The Man Who Would Not Be Silenced

    The Unapologetic Activism of Peter Bergson


    Everybody Take A Valium

    Election 2004: The Real Polls On The Ground

    34 Key Ridings

    2003 Québec Election Special:

    Twenty-Two Ridings to Watch

    Forge of Fire:Words That Changed The World

    Reflections of Transcendant Yearning for Redemptive Change:A Multimedia Presentation

    Justice Shalt Thou Pursue

    The Institute's Response to a Time of Challenge


    Misha Wajsman

    A Constructive Anger

    The Last Angry Man

    BPW on the
    New 940 Montreal (2008)

    The Last Angry Man

    BPW on the
    New 940 Montreal (2007)

    The Last Angry Man

    BPW on the
    New 940 Montreal (2006)

    Brigitte Garceau

    Community activism
    Political action

    Julius Grey

    Individual consequence
    Individual conscience

    Gen. Lewis MacKenzie

    Canada's Bold Voice

    Nathalie Elgrably

    Une nouvelle vision

    Pamela Geller
    Atlas Shrugs

    The Real Deal on a
    World at War

    Canadian Hero
    Robert J. Galbraith

    Eyewitness to War

    Nazanin Afshin-Jam

    Profile in Courage

    Toward A Culture of Conviction: A National Agenda of Character and Conscience

    Forthcoming Book

    Canadian McCarthyism No Holds Barred

    BPW and the
    Gomery Inquiry

    The Fire This Time

    Our Not So Gentle Land

    A Question of Need

    The Necessity of a Canadian Navy

    Full Employment in a Free Society

    The Challenge of
    Our Times

    The United Nations

    The World's Sword of Damocles

    Quebec and the Middle East: Alliances and Antagonisms

    Israeli Relations as Framework of Reference

    Financement et Flexibilit?II

    La Gouvernement du Québec et les Programmes Destinés aux Organismes Communautaires, Culturels et Sociaux


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